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We have several models that guide and protect our franchisees through the process of learning and growing with our business. The simple yet sophisticated plan that we call the 10 Step Production Model is everything you need to get started with LIME Painting. 


The 10 Step Production Model is a layout for the full service we provide to our clients at LIME. Joint efforts from various models, make the 10 steps of production effective in instilling consistency throughout the company. Consistency is key in implementing our sales process.


With the 10 steps in place we are able to guarantee a solution to nearly any concern and more importantly find any structural weakness that may need maintenance. While we are always focused on customer service, we need to ensure that there is no foundational damage to the home.


The 10 Step Production Model:       

1. Color Consultation

2. Color Sample Approval

3. Scheduling

4. Vendor & Supplier Coordination

5. 1st Phase of Production

-power washing the exterior

-masking the interior

6. 2nd Phase of Production: General Preparation

7. Quality Items: Carpentry, Glazing, Stucco, etc.

8. 3rd Phase of Production: Product Application

9. 4th Phase of Production: Final Audit

10. Home Owner: Final Walk Through


Lime Painting’s 10 Step Production Model raises the bar for the industry. By following the plan, you will be prepared upon arrival for your initial inspection.


With the process in motion, LIME provides the information in an organized way to support our franchisees so they can start without a doubt in their minds to better serve clientele.