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If you’re interested in running a successful painting business and looking for building a roadmap to achieve your ambitious financial goals, we have LIME Painting ® franchise for sale in San Jose this is your chance to become LIME Painting ® franchise owner in San Jose.

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San Jose Market Overview

Officially known as the City of San Jose, the area has traditionally been among the cities in California with the highest cost of living. This is true for both the state and the nation. Housing is one of the major factors driving the cost of living. Even so, there are indications that residents enjoy some of the highest levels of disposable income of any city in the United States with 500,000 residents and above.

With just under 3.5 million living in and round San Jose, the varied economy helps keep people employed. Along with education, the largest industries found in the area are manufacturing, professional and technical services, healthcare, and information technology. Utilities and administrative services also account for a significant amount of the local economy.

Predictions for future job growth over the next ten years is 38.9%, more than the national average of 33.5% for the same period. Expansions in commercial and residential building provide opportunities for the right painting contractor in San Jose California to enjoy a steady flow of work in both new construction and renovation of existing structures.

Market Segment in San Jose

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San Jose

  • Territories Available
  • Total Households
  • Total Population
  • Median Household Income
  • Property Value over $1 M
  • Median Housing Value
Lime Painting 1M+ Rate


Strong Economics

In 2017, our Denver market recorded gross revenues of $2,000,737 with a gross profit of $458,753!

15 Revenue Streams

With 15 different revenue streams, our Franchise Owners have the ability to generate higher revenues on each job. Our average ticket cost is three times the industry average!

No Competition

We are the only painting franchise to serve the high-end, luxury paint market which means our Franchise Owners have virtually no competition.

Technology Driven

Our technology platform, LIMEWare, Franchise Owners can rely on a centralized mobile-based platform to gain insight and manage the ins and outs of their home improvement business, making owning a successful business that much simpler.

Low Cost, Low Overhead, Quick Ramp-Up

With a ramp-up time of 30-90 days, Franchise Owners can start their business for only 90k.


With a LIME Painting Franchise, Owners do not need painting experience. Most owners will devote the majority of their time to running and managing the business. This is why a strong management background is emphasized. They must also love people, be able to provide excellent customer service, and above all else, have strong values.

1. Values-Driven

2. Business-Savvy

3. Community Focused

4. Management and Leadership Experience

5. An Entrepreneurial Spirit

6. Outgoing & Friendly


“Applying for a LIME Franchise was the best decision I’ve ever made, both for myself and my family.”


“Not only have I unlocked a financial future unlike anything I’ve known before, but I’ve also been able to build a values-based business. This means everything to me.”



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