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LIME Painting is a high-end painting and home improvement franchise business. Our painting concept is a home-based, minimal employee operation utilizing skilled subcontractor teams. Given our focus towards homes worth over $1 million, we have been able to generate over $5.5 million in gross revenue since opening in 2014.

This is the part three of a four part series. The series follows a Q & A conversation CEO and Founder Nick Lopez had with Total Prestige Magazine.

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Operational Excellence Meets Community Focus

Our painting franchise model empowers our Franchise Owners, and not merely as a great entrepreneurial endeavor. LIME Painting comes with turnkey solutions from customer management to training. In addition, LIME is a business on relationships.

Entrepreneurs interested in a LIME Painting franchise business are not only business savvy, they care about their community and communities around the world.

LIME Painting’s website states that the company is “values based.” How important is it for the company to be in touch with your own moral values?

LIME Painting is a values-based company.

Personally, I’ve found that I am the best version of myself when I don’t try to separate my belief in values from my work or personal life. I think that this is true for many others, and for those who agree, LIME provides a franchise opportunity embracing our Owners values as our mission and business philosophy.

Even more so, LIME provides an opportunity to own a home improvement franchise that subscribes to that philosophy in business.

Can you tell us about the LIME Light Outreach program?

LIME Light Outreach, Inc. was created as a means to give back to the community that I am successful within. I have a deep appreciation for the people I work with and for, because, without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

LIME Light is a way for me to give back to the community that has given so much to me. LIME Light is a Christian-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit. It is tailored toward the youth and empowers them with LIME Light’s 4 Pillars of Knowledge—Faith, Family, Patriotism, and Prosperity.

Knowledge is power and the youth are our future. LIME Light raises funds, creates campaigns based on LIME Light’s 4 Pillars of Knowledge, and partners with established nonprofits to reach the youth with varying campaigns.

According to Total Prestige Magazine, “Lopez has major plans for expansion and LIME’s franchise program & he sees branches pop-up across the United States.” The author goes on, “There are a lot of benefits to franchisees buying into LIME and Lopez can help them establish their own branch with unlimited possibilities of success.”

Is there anything else you would like to add?

LIME’s franchise is a low overhead business that allows for a home office with minimal employees.

In 2017, I operated my business with four full-time employees and we generated $2.2 million in gross sales. LIME has a proven and effective subcontractor partnership model that allows for scalability within a market. LIME also has an effective estimating process that is tailored to high-end properties and custom scopes of work for properties that meet that niche.

LIME also has a proprietary technology platform called LIMEWare that provides a hub to effectively operate and run major components of the business. LIMEWare allows Franchise Owners to rely on a centralized mobile-based platform to gain insight and manage the ins and outs of their home improvement business, making owning a successful business that much simpler.

LIME Elite Academy is rigorous and complemented with an ongoing adult learning management software that continually keeps franchise owners updated on the latest and greatest things related to running a LIME Painting franchise business.

About Franchising with LIME

As a home improvement business and painting franchise, we understand the market is saturated with painting franchise opportunities but luckily for us we DO NOT compete with these concepts!

We are the only painting franchise that focuses solely on high-end homes and businesses that have values of $1 Million or more.

Typically, high-end properties need more than just a coat of paint, which is why we offer 15 distinct services all while educating clients on options to maximize the value of their investment.

Our luxury approach revolves around our meticulous prep, process and product selection which are unique to each project and client as we execute a tailor-made result that lasts the test of time.

As we expand nationally, Franchise Owners choose to partner with us because of our infectious culture, turnkey model, low cost, and the ability to generate high returns. While the industry average paint job costs around $2,800, our average ticket is around $11,000 allowing our Owners to complete 30% fewer projects than traditional painting concepts.

With almost 4x the ticket amount, less projects, repeat business and few employees, we make the operational aspect of running a LIME Painting franchise simple and scalable.

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