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LIME Painting is the PREMIER comprehensive, one-stop shop for quality painting, custom coatings, and restoration solutions for high-end properties. Currently located in Denver and other surrounding areas, we are looking for Franchise Owners who are interested in getting involved in the high-end Painting Industry and who would like to expand beyond the borders of Colorado! Over the past 11 years, we have created and perfected a successful and scalable franchise model and today we think LIME Painting would be a perfect fit in the state of California!

This isn’t, of course, to say that we wouldn’t be a perfect fit anywhere else – far from it! We consider California to be a key state for franchising, however, due to its booming economy, high concentration of multi-million dollar properties, and a temperate climate that is ideal for delivering outdoor services throughout the entire year.

One of the BIGGEST ways that LIME Painting has been able to differentiate itself from others in the Painting Industry is by the fact that we focus solely on the high-end markets of areas (~top 30%). Our custom coating and restoration of high-end stucco, modern contemporary and beautiful historic homes, fits the entire state of California like a glove. It’s important to note that we also specialize in unique commercial properties, like resorts, country clubs, and restaurants, that require custom stains, lacquers, epoxies, and enamels.

“A lot of times, property owners in California have to get multiple bids from different vendors, which takes more time and increases the risk of things going wrong,” said Nick Lopez, founder and CEO of LIME Painting. “The customer becomes the general contractor—the one scheduling, auditing and maintaining the logistics of each individual contractor’s skill set for the project. But because LIME Painting offers an all-encompassing turnkey service, the experience for both the customer and the operator goes smoothly.”

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