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Latest & Greatest At LIME Painting

Learn about communities benefiting from LIME Painting.

Latest & Greatest At LIME Painting

Learn about communities benefiting from LIME Painting.

Common Myths

One of the biggest fears my franchisees face when starting out is scouting subcontractors that reflect our values-driven brand. Since we are about selfless, customer-oriented work at Lime Painting we aim to please our clients with top of the line results. With that...

Business Radio X Interview with Nick Lopez

“We’re an emerging franchise company, the first and only high-end paint company.”  -Nick Lopez Nick Lopez remembers his college days with Stone Payton and Lee Cantor as he walks us through his transition from a wrestler to a young entrepreneur in the midst...

The Franchise Story Podcast

“Being a millennial starting a business in The Great Recession gave me the confidence to conquer a lot moving forward.” -Nick Lopez   Nick Lopez recounts how his journey as an independent student at Michigan State University molded him into a successful...

Paint Technology: The History of Our Industry

Over the years, paint technology has come a long way. While old, lead-based paints disappeared and new techniques emerged, those in the industry modified their businesses to meet new federal regulations. In the beginning, there were only a few brands. The...

LIME’s Family Grows to Idaho Market

On October 3rd, 2019 LIME Painting awarded the state of Idaho to owners Kevin and Alice Schramm who reside in Boise, ID. The Schramm's call Boise home and will launch their LIME business January 1st of 2020. Kevin and Alice have two children and are most excited about...

LIME Floor Coating

There are myths surrounding renovation but flooring takes the cake. While it is implied to be a relatively simple branch of home improvement, there are many things to look out for.  A common mistake that occurs when applying an epoxy or urethane floor coating is...

Lead Generating Strategies

 To keep generating leads, we use marketing strategies such as published literature, word-of-mouth and a creative name.  In 2018 I was mentioned in Dr. John P Hayes’ 12 Amazing Franchise Opportunities. A book about thriving small businesses with franchise...

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