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Nick Lopez is an entrepreneur painting the American Dream. In a Q & A interview with Total Prestige Magazine, LIME Painting Franchise Founder and Franchisor Nick Lopez discusses what makes us different, and how the business concept has evolved into the high-end home improvement and painting franchise opportunity it is today.

With over $5 million in gross revenues since opening in 2013, the service franchise operation is not just set for growth; it’s positioned to give back and reward communities around the U.S.

What follows is a four-part series built from the Q & A. We highlight our founder, our principals, our business model, and our home improvement & painting franchise concept. Within, we will discuss the company story, it’s successes, the organizational processes and technology, our outreach programs, and how they add to the success of each LIME Painting location.

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The CEO & Founder of LIME Painting, Nick Lopez, Greets Business Challenges With Solutions


  • Nick Lopez had a dilemma when he started classes at Michigan State University. The out of state tuition and cost of living were expensive, and working a ‘typical’ student job wasn’t going to pay the bills.
  • Lopez put his entrepreneurial hat on and devised a creative way to make money and put himself through school.
  • Soon after graduation, he would bring the concept home.
  • In 2014, Lopez opened LIME Painting after discovering a gap in the market and a need for high-end commercial and residential painters.

He would soon be opening the concept to franchise development. What started as a way to put himself through college, quickly turned into a budding home improvement business & painting franchise. LIME is thriving and has generated millions of dollars since it opened its doors.

LIME continues to grow in revenue, brand awareness, and corporate & franchise locations.

LIME Painting is seeking partners to grow our decentralized painting business and home improvement franchises across the United States.

How did you get started in the commercial and residential painting industry?

I began my painting career as a means to pay for out-of-state tuition. As a first generation and independent college student, I didn’t have any other means to cover tuition and the cost of living.

I needed a source of income that would pay more than what a cafeteria job would pay, so I started my own painting business.

Little did I know that I would stumble upon a huge need in the market.

It turns out that high-end homeowners desire quality and are willing to pay for it to maintain one of their highest valued assets, but there are very limited options to do so in the marketplace.

Nick, tell us about LIME Painting’s launch in 2014 and the company’s growth over the last four years.

After spending five years in college fine-tuning a business model that could scale and be duplicated, I moved from Michigan—where I attended college—to my home state of Colorado. It was from there I launched LIME Painting company to prove out the model prior to franchising the business to scale across the country.

Within the first four years, LIME painting company generated $5.5 million in gross sales and $1.2 million in gross profits in high-end residential painting and contracting services.

Down to Earth, Quality People and Exquisite Work: The LIME Painting Difference


How difficult was it to run a business and attend classes in a different state?

College taught me a lot about myself. What started off as a wide-eyed ambitious 18-year-old’s quest to go to school out of state quickly became a test of my ability to persevere.

Being an independent college student meant that out-of-state tuition and cost of living were expensive. With no means to financially support this dream, creating and running a business became more than just a job.

Owning a business allowed me to live out the beginning of the legacy that I would build throughout my life. In conjunction with the pressure to support my college expenses, I also worked hard academically by making the Dean’s List more semesters than not.

It was a season of my life that challenged my willpower, but because I stuck to my vision I was able to see past the countless sacrifices that I had to make.

Nick, what is a day in your life like?

The first thing that I do is head to the coffee maker. I then get straight into my workday. I work six days a week and rest on Sundays.

I also hit the gym or driving range when I find the time within my week. Sundays are one of my favorite days of the week. I wake up a little later, head to church and brunch, and spend the day working on house projects with my wife.

What makes you smile?

My wife and children make me smile. They are my inspiration, my source of strength, and my stability. Ultimately, they are why I do what I do. My life is about legacy, and that legacy lives through my family.

What scares you?

Failure scares me.

I have an incredibly high standard for myself and a vision for who I want to be. Not realizing that version of myself is what motivates me. I also have a very keen awareness of the legacy that I am building for my family.

If I did not become the man that I am capable of becoming, I would feel complacent, and that scares me. Every day I make an intentional effort to invest in my work and in myself, so that I can continue to become the man that I am capable of becoming.

What is your secret talent?


Which historical figure do you most admire?


I most admire Jesus Christ. He led the largest movement known to man. Regardless of religious association, the life that he lived was admirable.

He was a compassionate man who led with love.

He used his power and influence to create positive change that removes oppression from people. His life and story are a beautiful testament to what a man should strive to be. Not to mention, he also led the largest movement known to man.

Nick, do you have any hobbies?

Whenever I get the chance I am out hitting the links. Whether I am golfing for business or leisure, golf is at the top of my list. I also like to fish. Being from Colorado, I enjoy fishing any river within the Rocky Mountains and taking in the beauty around.

What are you never without?

It’s rare that you’d find me without my wife. She is definitely my best friend and partner in crime.

Can you share two of your favorite quotes with us?

“Winners win.” — Gary Vee

“Chase nervousness and uncertainty! Seek it out, run towards it!” — Ed Mylett

Instinct versus expertise: Which is more important and why?

For me, it is most definitely instinct.

Throughout my career I have succeeded because I got up and took action. I went out and shook hands. More specifically, I went out and knocked on doors. During the peak of the great recession, I went out and knocked on multi-million dollar homes with zero years of painting experience.

It was my instinct that told me that I needed to keep pushing forward as success would come from my actions.

In my opinion, the difference between those who succeed and those who don’t is simply because they have the ability to take action. Too many people hope and wonder and only think about the day that they will act.

If you had the power to change just one thing in the world, what would it be?

The one thing that I would change, if I could, would be the pain and suffering that comes from oppression, poverty, and drug abuse.

I often look around and am saddened by homeless people in urban areas. It is a stark contrast from the affluent suburbs that I live in. For there to be such brokenness in this world compels me to appreciate, be grateful, and to give back as much as possible.

Many people living in poverty do so as a direct result of their environment or because of mental illness or drug abuse.

This is a sad reality in America today.

You are a member of the board of directors at Colorado UpLift. Tell us about this program and why it is important for you to be involved with it.

Colorado UpLift is a nonprofit that works with the youth by partnering with schools and drastically improves the student graduation rate.

What started as a job placement program has evolved into a much more advanced version of its younger self.

Essentially, Colorado UpLift improves the lives of at-risk kids by keeping them in school and giving them the resources to be productive members of society. It’s a beautiful program and it’s important for me to be involved with it because our future lies in the youth.

I also feel that my own testimony can be of inspiration to these kids.

Lopez’s work ethic shows with everything LIME has done and continues to do. From building his own brand as a college student to licensing franchises, LIME is on the cutting-edge of commercial and residential painting.

As an entrepreneur, Lopez has shown he can do anything when he sets his mind to it. He is building a lasting legacy, one that will carry on with his company into the future. LIME continues to grow, and with a highly intelligent and motivated owner it doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.

About Franchising with LIME


As a home improvement business and painting franchise, we understand the market is saturated with painting franchise opportunities but luckily for us we DO NOT compete with these concepts!

We are the only painting franchise that focuses solely on high-end homes and businesses that have values of $1 Million or more.

Typically, high-end properties need more than just a coat of paint, which is why we offer 15 distinct services all while educating clients on options to maximize the value of their investment.

Our luxury approach revolves around our meticulous prep, process and product selection which are unique to each project and client as we execute a tailor-made result that lasts the test of time.

As we expand nationally, Franchise Owners choose to partner with us because of our infectious culture, turnkey model, low cost, and the ability to generate high returns. While the industry average paint job costs around $2,800, our average ticket is around $11,000 allowing our Owners to complete 30% fewer projects than traditional painting concepts.

With almost 4x the ticket amount, less projects, repeat business and few employees, we make the operational aspect of running a LIME Painting franchise simple and scalable.

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