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In the final installment of our CEO Q & A series, CEO and Franchisor Nick Lopez dives into the home improvement franchise opportunity offered by LIME Painting Company.

The series follows a Q & A conversation CEO and Founder Nick Lopez had with Total Prestige Magazine. LIME Painting is a high-end painting and home improvement franchise business. Our focus on repeat customers and properties worth over $1 million has allowed us to generate over $5.5 million in gross revenue since opening in 2014.

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About Growth, Franchising with LIME Painting

Our franchise business concept is a easily managed, home-based minimal employee operation. Utilizing skilled subcontractor teams, LIME has explored successfully a gap in the market for high-end homes and properties painting, repair, and home improvement services.

Tell us about LIME’s plans for expansion.

I opened my first painting business 10 years ago when I was a freshman in college. I quickly learned that high-end homeowners viewed the process of getting their home painted as a negative experience.

I was frequently complimented for very simple things like showing up, being responsive, and doing a good job. When I realized how many people had negative experiences and that there is a huge need within the market for a high-end painter, I decided to build a business model that would service this need and be scalable.

Fast-forward to five years removed from college and I am launching our franchise painting opportunity and providing others who want to own their own business—but not be in business by themselves—with the ability to own a high-end painting and home improvement franchise business.

What characteristics do you look for in individuals who want to own a franchise with LIME Painting?

interior-home-improvement-franchise-restoration-lime-paintingLIME’s franchise opportunity is a sales and marketing business with no painting experience needed. Our franchise owners vet customers and talented craftsmen and marry them together while providing the systems, structure, and brand for the two to successfully work together to provide high-end painting and contracting services.

We are looking for savvy business people who want to leverage a massive $30 billion painting industry and a $300 billion home improvement sector. LIME’s franchisees should also be interested in working with a very affluent demographic and be capable of representing and growing a premium brand.

In general, franchising is a great way to be in business for yourself but not by yourself while leveraging the brand’s resources and equity.

What steps would a potential franchise owner have to go through to join the LIME Painting family?

One of the largest benefits of working with an emerging franchise like LIME is the direct access and mentoring from the founder. I’d be happy to personally speak with anyone interested in joining the LIME family.

You can learn more about the LIME Painting and home improvement franchise opportunity by visiting our franchise website at:

Once there, interested entrepreneurs can review our business in more depth, get in contact, and start the conversation towards owning their own business!

Where do you foresee franchise owners coming from in the future?

In the future, franchise owners will come from markets that are concentrated with high-end properties. Whether that is high-end homes, resorts, hotels, and properties of the like, franchise owners will operate a LIME home improvement and painting franchise that services affluent areas throughout the United States.

In the first four years of LIME’s existence, the company made $1.2 million in gross profits. Can franchise owners expect to succeed to that degree when opening their own store?

Our franchise development team is highly experienced and does a tremendous job of awarding our franchises and not selling them. We do a good job of getting owners into the LIME family that have the right experience, mindset, and values. Success follows.

Like anything great though, owning a LIME franchise business requires work ethic and an ability to learn and implement our proven processes that allowed us to net $1.2 million in gross profits in four years.

Additionally, early adopters who become a LIME Franchise Owner will have direct access, coaching, and training from the founder who generated these profits. An advantage of the LIME franchise is that you have a proven system, process, and brand tailored to service and capitalize on a need for high-end painters in the high-end market.

LIME’s franchise owners have access to the technology, training, and support to aid in launching and scaling LIME’s business model. Owning a business is risky, and professional counsel and proper due diligence should always be rigorously pursued prior to owning any business.

Through the franchise program, what do you foresee as the timescale for going national to be?

Because LIME is headquartered in Denver, CO, we are currently focusing our marketing efforts on the southwest part of the United States so that we can more easily support those franchise owners.

From there, we will expand to the northwest, Midwest, and east coast. Our model is extremely unique, and I am looking forward to bringing our much-needed solution to many high-end affluent markets across the country.

What secrets or lessons have you learned since opening LIME in 2014 that you can share with aspiring business owners?

I’ve learned that being in business for yourself is a very lonely gig at times. It isn’t for everyone and it isn’t easy by any means. From highs to lows, it’s you who must navigate the ship.

Owning my own business has been like an advanced personal development program. I’ve learned a lot about myself in the process. Personally, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

About Franchising with LIME

As a home improvement business and painting franchise, we understand the market is saturated with painting franchise opportunities but luckily for us we DO NOT compete with these concepts!

interior-home-improvement-franchiseWe are the only painting franchise that focuses solely on high-end homes and businesses that have values of $1 Million or more.

Typically, high-end properties need more than just a coat of paint, which is why we offer 15 distinct services all while educating clients on options to maximize the value of their investment.

Our luxury approach revolves around our meticulous prep, process and product selection which are unique to each project and client as we execute a tailor-made result that lasts the test of time.

As we expand nationally, Franchise Owners choose to partner with us because of our infectious culture, turnkey model, low cost, and the ability to generate high returns. While the industry average paint job costs around $2,800, our average ticket is around $11,000 allowing our Owners to complete 30% fewer projects than traditional painting concepts.

With almost 4x the ticket amount, less projects, repeat business and few employees, we make the operational aspect of running a LIME Painting franchise simple and scalable.

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