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 To keep generating leads, we use marketing strategies such as published literature, word-of-mouth and a creative name. 

In 2018 I was mentioned in Dr. John P Hayes’ 12 Amazing Franchise Opportunities. A book about thriving small businesses with franchise opportunities. Just weeks after the publication, Dr. Hayes contacted me about a spin-off book specifically focused on Lime. So, before I knew it, Lime Painting Business Opportunity hit the shelves and several potential franchisees and clients began reaching out to me.  


Being on-site working on a project in an affluent community generates word-of-mouth recommendations as well. In my earlier days with Spartan College Painters, I would be in the field with my team when we were literally approached by neighbors that wanted estimates. Typically, the requests were for little problems like deck staining or vinyl siding but each person would express the difficult measures they’d experienced finding reliable workers to complete the tasks.


To set ourselves apart from the competition we inserted our mission right in to the name. Lime is the acronym that tells our story in four simple words: Love, Integrity, Mission and Excellence. This creative tagline exemplifies our motivation upfront. These four keywords define our business and show our goals in the context of direction. Customers see Lime and understand that we are there to set the standard in customer service first and foremost.


Our customers continue to grow with these strategies in place. These various forms of marketing can help you too. Your franchise may be contacted on a referral from Dr. Hayes’ books, neighbors in the community or the Lime message. To learn more about how to generate more leads in your location contact Nick Lopez at today.