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The home improvement industry is currently worth $340 billion and is growing by 2 percent every year. Many people feel that this industry is hard to break into, but now home improvement franchises like LIME Painting are making it easier for prospective franchise owners. In the search for franchise owners, it takes more than just finding the right person with the right numbers in their bank account. Lime Painting is looking to partner with the ideal candidate. A hard-working, honest entrepreneur that will challenge the competition and contribute to our culture.

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In franchising, we have two options for ownership offering both semi-absentee owners and owner-operators. Owner-operators are more involved with the day to day tasks of delivering our services and running the business. The semi-absentee owner is overseeing key employees involved with growing sales and project production. Responsibilities and work weeks differentiate these options too.

Owner-operators work every week Monday through Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm. Semi-absentee owners have fluctuating work weeks that vary between 15 and 20 hours per week. Responsibilities for each option include:

Owner Operators Semi-Absentee Owners
Complete estimates Build and lead a team of dedicated, reliable employees and contractors
Book new projects Oversee the production coordinator
Hire and manage subcontracted crews Some administrative tasks
Oversee daily projects Handle accounting
Schedule appointments  
Interact with and educate customers  
Handle accounting  
Create local marketing initiatives and campaigns  

First and foremost, our desired franchise owner will have strong values and business acumen that aligns with our culture to serve our clients and produce top-of-the-line results, as well as a strong interest in the home improvement franchise business.

We are also seeking someone with experience in management and leadership as well as someone with a thorough understanding of sales and logistics. It is vital to driving success in unit economics and relational sales that our franchisee possess all of these skills. Management will be crucial when recruiting and coordinating subcontracted crews with great team-building strategies.

The search won’t be compromised. At Lime Painting, we are looking for a specific owner to add to our team with their qualities while following the model put into place. The ideal candidate is driven to advance to the next level and carry on the Lime culture.

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