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I always start with a dream and run head first.”

-Nick Lopez


The story of LIME Painting begins at Michigan State University where owner Nick Lopez started his first company, Spartan College Painters while simultaneously earning degrees in business and sales.


As an independent first-generation student, Nick didn’t have the financial backing to get through or even to college. His first financial challenge came up when he needed a $500 plane ticket to Michigan and with no financial means whatsoever, opened a credit card and off to college he went. 


As a sophomore in high school, Nick sought out universities that offered an opportunity to enhance his wrestling skills. After diligent research, he found a school with a great business program and the defending national champion in his weight class. Michigan was 1,200 miles away from home in Colorado and he had never even been to Michigan but Nick had a plan to earn his degrees using wrestling to pay for it. 


Although Nick walked onto the wrestling team at Michigan State, an athletic scholarship was years out and as the credit card debt was piling up. He realized he would have to create a new means of revenue if he was going to continue his studies and started Spartan College Painters LLC, painting homes in high-end neighborhoods of East Lansing.


“Passion, work ethic, and desire definitely fuel me but it takes much more than that to succeed at a high level.”

-Nick Lopez


Surprisingly Spartan College Painters completed hundreds of projects and by the time graduation rolled around, Nick was managing multiple territories of college painters across the region.


After college, Nick came home to Colorado to take a stab at business with LIME Painting. In the early years, Nick handled all aspects of the business from administration, sales, production, and more but over time, would build a team to help scale the Denver territory allowing our location to deliver satisfaction to more customers. 


Within the first six years of launching, LIME’s first two locations generated $9 million with nearly $1.12 million in net income after paying all franchise dues. That success was in part a result of efforts to expand from Denver to Castle Rock and then to Boulder and Fort Collins as well via the franchising model.


Through those first franchise locations, Nick learned how he could help others through franchising. Today one of LIME Painting’s main goals is to build a national franchise company to deliver LIME’s unique solution for high end custom property owners.


“Both desire and imagination are stored in the mind of the individual and when stretched, both have the potential to position a person for greatness.” -Ed Mylett


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