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In this edition, CEO, Franchisor, and Owner Nick Lopez of LIME Painting Franchising speaks of his experience as an entrepreneur in creating a great brand and how LIME exceeds our own standards AND those of our customers. We highlight our home improvement and painting franchise model. 

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While uncompromising in motivation and strategic in all business decisions, Nick didn’t initially know he had started something as scaleable and easily run when he was painting homes and providing home improvement services just to get through University.

In a Q & A interview with Total Prestige Magazine, Nick discusses LIME Painting as a business and as a franchise opportunity.  

Now is the time to join LIME Painting as a Franchise Owner.

How does LIME Painting Company go about working with a customer? Can you walk us through the steps from when a client contacts the company until the job is finished?

With a LIME Painting Franchise, Owners have two main employees & positions:

  • Account managers
  • Production coordinators

What do these employees do?

From the point that a customer contacts LIME, the account manager assesses the property, builds a scope of recommendations, and advises the customer on the scope of work.

Prior to the project kicking off, the account manager schedules all contractors needed from designers to craftsmen consisting of masons, carpenters, gutter installers, and painters.

Once production begins, the production coordinator works directly with the account manager, customer, and contractors to coordinate the logistics of the account from finding the right color to providing samples and auditing each phase of the recommended scope to ensure a job well done.

The account manager provides a final walk-through with the customer and closes out the account. Project scopes vary, but LIME’s 10-step production model helps to ensure consistency and reliability while also ensuring quality.


Lopez has found high-end properties to be a ‘blessing’. His career and responsive work impressed many property owners in the beginning, and helped to grow the business early on. Now, working on high-end properties is one of LIME’s calling cards.

You work with many high-end property owners. What kind of care does it take to work with such valuable properties compared to others?

Working on high-end custom properties is very much a blessing that comes with a great deal of responsibility. At LIME, we have a saying that sets the foundation for how we approach our craft: “We work in a beautiful place, for beautiful people, and with beautiful people.”

Being a part of a premium brand that is best in class for customer service and expertise means that we do what we say and we do it with integrity and a commitment to meet or exceed customer expectations.

Our culture is very much about excellence and being the best version of ourselves personally and as a company.

LIME’s work on high-end properties results in an excellent customer experience. It’s much like what separates a four-star hotel from a five-star hotel: exceptional customer service and best-in-class service expertise.

About Franchising with LIME

As a home improvement business and painting franchise, we understand the market is saturated with painting franchise opportunities but luckily for us we DO NOT compete with these concepts!

We are the only painting franchise that focuses solely on high-end homes and businesses that have values of $1 Million or more.

Typically, high-end properties need more than just a coat of paint, which is why we offer 15 distinct services all while educating clients on options to maximize the value of their investment.

Our luxury approach revolves around our meticulous prep, process and product selection which are unique to each project and client as we execute a tailor-made result that lasts the test of time.

As we expand nationally, Franchise Owners choose to partner with us because of our infectious culture, turnkey model, low cost, and the ability to generate high returns. While the industry average paint job costs around $2,800, our average ticket is around $11,000 allowing our Owners to complete 30% fewer projects than traditional painting concepts.

With almost 4x the ticket amount, less projects, repeat business and few employees, we make the operational aspect of running a LIME Painting and home improvement franchise simple and scalable.

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