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Upon graduating high school, Nick Lopez, Founder, and CEO of LIME Painting left Colorado as a first-generation college student and headed to Michigan State University. At the time, it was a way to get by. Now, Nick has refined the business and opened the high-end home improvement and painting franchise LIME Painting.

About Nick Lopez, Founder and CEO

At the age of 19, Nick founded his first painting LLC, Spartan College Painters. Every summer thereafter, Nick would paint homes as a way to pay for tuition, books, and cost of living. As time passed, Nick realized that he was developing a real passion and love for his craft.

It was during his third year of owning his business Nick realized that a future in the industry was something that made sense for him. With hard work, a willingness to serve, and a little luck, Nick happened to stumble upon a massive need in the market: High-end properties were struggling to find consistent and quality services that also provided custom coatings and restoration solutions.

It was from this moment on that Nick began to focus on running a business that would blow past the status-quo.

In his five years at Michigan State University, Nick was able to refine and fine-tune his existing business model. When Nick finished his degree, he and his soon-to-be wife decided to move back to Colorado to start their family.

It wasn’t long after that Nick launched LIME Painting in Denver as a way to establish the same, scalable model that he had developed in East Lansing. With a successful business model in place, Nick turned to franchising to help entrepreneurs like himself paint their American Dream.

After the first four years of operation in Colorado, LIME Painting has surged past $5.5 million in revenue and it soon became abundantly clear that Nick needed to share this model with the rest of the country!

Did we mention our home improvement and painting franchise has a total of 15 revenue streams? Let’s take a dive into one of our services.

About LIME Custom Floorings

Lime is well-known for the painting, windows and siding we do. Something that many people miss however, is our highly-skilled custom floor coatings. There are myths surrounding renovation but flooring takes the cake. While it is implied to be a relatively simple branch of home improvement, there are many things to look out for.

A common mistake that occurs when applying an epoxy or urethane floor coating is that no sealant is placed in the space between the top layer and the foundation. It is necessary to bond this area together because otherwise the existing layer will begin to crack or peel after hardening. After using a shot blaster or diamond grinder to remove all remaining debris or uneven surfaces, flooring should properly adhere.

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One way to determine if the project was effective is to test a leveler on the new surface. If there are no concave or convex portions of the project, you’re good.

Environmental factors such as temperature play a huge role in flooring as well. Even the slightest bit of fluctuation can influence adherence. Ideal working conditions are moderate and consistent with little change. Moisture and humidity can be problems too though. Before pouring any materials on to concrete it is helpful to test the surface for moisture to avoid a buildup of water vapor under the flooring. This can be done with a calcium chloride test.