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Becoming an Expert in Gutter Restoration & Installation

LIME Painting places quality and customer service at the forefront of every project. In order to provide an exceptional customer experience that is easy, enjoyable, and refreshing we have to be able to handle any situation. We’ve mentioned previously that we offer a lot of different services at LIME, but the full extent of what we offer is not common knowledge.

When we arrived at a historic Tudor home inside the Denver Country Club, we knew we were handling an extensive restoration project but we never could have realized how much of this project was going to revolve around the gutters. The gutters had oxidized from years of use and the protective finish that had once coated them had begun to breakdown. Luckily, there is nothing too large for the crew at LIME.

In this blog, I will walk you through our simplified process for new gutter restoration & installation.

The first thing that must be done when installing a new gutter system on a home is measuring the existing structure. We begin by measuring the gutters that run along the edge of the roofing horizontally as these measurements give us an idea of what will need to be purchased for the project. 

Fun fact: typically, most gutters are either 5 inches or 6 inches wide.

Next, we measure the vertical gutters that are attached to the siding so that we can make sure the new gutters are going to match the length of the home. Using the leveler is important with gutter installation because it’s important to know which direction the in which the water will be flowing. If the line of horizontal gutters installed is not running to the downspout, the gutters will become too heavy with wet, organic debris and they will eventually tear down the brackets that hold them in place.

This could be extremely damaging to both the siding and roofing of the home. Additionally, if the length of the gutters exceeds 35 feet, we are required to install multiple downspouts to prevent overflowing, as well. Finally, we remove the fasteners to take the old downspouts and gutters off so that we can replace them with the new materials.

Although the gutters on a home may not be the most decorative aspect, they perform one of the most important functions of all. At LIME Painting, we provide our Franchise Owners with the equipment and the knowledge, necessary, to handle even the most unlikely cases that may appear in the home-improvement industry.

With LIME, we equip you to handle the most unlikely cases of home improvement effectively. For more information on our seamless gutter replacements and gutter restoration, visit our services tab.

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