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There are very few Franchise Owners who have actually started off their relationship with a brand as a highly-motivated, highly-successful, high-performing employee.

Then again – not all Franchise Owners are Matthew Snider.

Meet Matthew Snider! Matt was working as a salesperson for LIME Painting for four years before deciding that he wanted to transition over to being a Franchise Owner. Before this, though, Matt actually reached out to LIME’s CEO, Nick Lopez, to sell him advertising for the Yellow Papers. Nick was so impressed with Matt’s sales ability that he hired him into a similar position with LIME Painting. Over the next four years, all Matt did was amass about $4 MILLION in sales for the brand, act as LIME’s de facto ambassador, and participate in social media efforts.

Soon, Nick was encouraging Matt to make the jump into being a Franchise Owner, a transition that Matt initially resisted. Soon, though, Matt came to the conclusion that for as much as he loved his position in sales, the revenue potential that came with owning his own LIME Painting territory was too much to pass up.

“It just kind of hit me that I capped financially,” Snider said. “I was averaging about $1.2 million in sales over the past few years working many hours overtime and thought it’d be great to keep more of those profits with the same or less amount of time instead of keeping a sales salary, and also keep the clients I’d already developed in these territories. It caused me to make the jump and go for it.”

The rest is, how they say, history. From January 2019 to the end of March 2019, Matt had $!40,000 of business signed onto the books. In the middle of winter. In Colorado. He credits a big part of his success to the Franchise Training that LIME Painting provides, which involved him shadowing Nick and learning every part of the LIME Painting business.

“It’s easy to go out there and pound the pavement just implementing what they’ve taught you,” he said. “When I was in the youth ministry, I was big on leadership training. It’s easy to learn from Nick. I’ve been around a lot of great trainers and leaders, and Nick is beyond exceptional. Listening and learning have always been a big part of the LIME Painting culture.”

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