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One of the biggest fears my franchisees face when starting out is scouting subcontractors that reflect our values-driven brand. Since we are about selfless, customer-oriented work at Lime Painting we aim to please our clients with top of the line results. With that being said, franchisees want to avoid the stereotype of unmanageable, sloppy subcontractors. Lucky for them, I have found a process that eliminates their concerns.


There are many myths surrounding the subcontractor today. One that I hear often is that there are not enough in the field that are professional enough to meet the standards of the company. With our proprietary software platforms–Franbox and Builder Trend–we have the ability to rank contractors based on previous performance to match them with the best project. Builders Trend allows us to check the status of subcontractors’ insurance as well and sends notification updates if their plan expires so you can be sure that you are working with legitimate professionals.



A second myth is that subcontractors are untimely and unreliable. We create a team with the subcontractors we prefer by using the software as a database that allows us to stay in contact with contractors we have worked with in the past. On the contractors’ end, they can review the contract with photographs of the properties they’ve been assigned to so they can better prepare. If they have any questions, they can message us directly from their home through the software. The contractor management software provides a scope of difficulty for jobs on an A to C scale with A being a more difficult or custom restoration project like epoxy or stucco, B being a job like water-based exterior painting, and C being a quick, simple fix like sealing windows.  


Another myth is that subcontractors do not produce quality work. We work with highly-skilled and trained subcontractors that are devoted to their work. Our men are very experienced and the software platforms list their specialties out for you. In the wake of our expansion, Lime Painting is also in the process of creating videos of contractors we work with to make the process even more streamlined for franchisees. The videos will encourage contractors that reflect our culture at Lime Painting to contact us for work.


Of course, one of the best ways to weed out subcontractors that do not meet our standards is with a face to face interview. Combining these interviews with our proprietary software platforms creates consistency and reliability so that every job will meet our clients’ expectations. You will be able to trust that the subcontractors you hire are Lime approved.


As a franchisee, you will be able to focus on customer service and sales. You don’t have to worry about hiring subcontractors because I have conducted the vetting process to select experts for you. Franbox and Builder Trend narrow the field while you decide exactly what you are seeking when building your team. To learn more about a Lime Painting franchise explore our website or contact the Franchise Help Desk at 844-237-6707.